Metal cabinet with exhaust device

Overall dimensions (max.sillub., mm): 20001050700


Cabinet with exhaust device, designed for use in laboratories, medical and educational institutions.


The Cabinet with an exhaust device is a prefabricated metal structure consisting of 3 parts:

The upper part of the Cabinet is a roof equipped with a daylight lamp and a fan (25 W). In the upper right part of the Cabinet there is a hole diam. 150 mm for fan installation. There is a hole on the roof for removing polluted air from the Cabinet.

The middle part of the Cabinet is an all-welded structure (sidewalls, back wall and table top). The countertop is lined with ceramic tiles around the sink with a mixer. Two glass/plexiglass shutters in a metal frame that can be moved vertically are also provided.

The lower part of the Cabinet is an all-welded frame with a front panel. Which has two sockets with a ground contact and a two-key switch for turning on / off the fluorescent lamp and fans. Also, the lower part of the Cabinet (under the front panel) is equipped with a compartment with a shelf and two removable doors that lock it.

Painting of metal structures: polymer coating