Distributive devices of the VRU series

VRU are designed to receive, distribute and record electricity in the 380 / 220V three-phase AC networks of 50, 60 Hz frequency, as well as to protect lines during overloads and short circuits.

By design, the devices differ in:

  • input panel;
  • input distribution panel;
  • distribution panel;

VRU are completed with panels of unilateral service and can be executed in single-panel and multi-panel versions.

Name of parameterValue
Nominal voltage, V220, 380
Nominal current, A100, 250, 400
Nominal frequency, Hz50, 60
Electro dynamic stability, kA10
Overall dimensions, mm height width depth1800 800 400
Degree of protection according to GOST 14254-96IP31
Height above sea level, mup to 2000