Distributive cabinets of the SHR-11

Panels of the SHR-11 series are intended for the reception and distribution of electrical energy of three-phase alternating current with a frequency of 50 Hz, with voltage up to 660V in networks with dead-earthed neutral.

Cabinets provide protection for power and lighting lines against overloads and short-circuit currents. They are installed in industrial buildings and structures.

Name of parameterValue
Nominal voltage, V380
Frequency, Hz50
Nominal insulation voltage, V660
Nominal current of the input device, A250, 400
Nominal current of the cabinet, at IP 54, A200, 320
The number of fuse groups on the feeders5,8
Nominal short-circuit shock current, kA10
Overall dimensions, mm

500, 700
Degree of protection according to GOST 14254-96IP21, IP54